• Pain Oil

    Obesity / Heavy body is a fast growing problem these days, due to fooding habits, lack of exerciese, irregular work culture, indigestion etc. Modern life style does not allow time for regular heavy exercise and busy schedule with social movements, party etc makes you eat heavy/ junk food, cold drinks, ice cream etc, resulting extra weight gain. Heavy weight invites many disease i.e. blood pressure, diabities irregular breathing , fatigue etc.

    Kanhiya Slimy Capsule is a complete Ayurvedic solution for the treatment of besity & related problems. Kanhiya Slimy Capsule is neighter a wonder drug nor it claim any tall

    results but a honest herbal combination to treat obesity & reduce weight without any harm / Side effect. A little change in life style & daily use of Kanhiya Slimy Capsule can given you many benefits.

    There are some other things which also helps

    • Drink 6 - Glasses of water daily
    • Take small but regular meals.
    • Green Vegetable, Fruits, Fresh fruit juices, should from a major part of your diet.
    • Fix small targets of weight loss and increase step by step.
    • Give minimum 20 minites for your chosen physical activity like brisk walking jogging, cycling , swimming etc.
    • schedule your diet plan as per your daily routine & your party / outing plans.
    Size Price
    100 C 460 Rs.